Lord Satyr


Gwendolyn Rees is now officially a spinster, and facing the prospect of living the rest of her life next to that same disappointed mother. Until she meets Lord Sayer and discovers a man willing to listen to her mad idea of making daffodils the next fashion, big as Russian Blue. But he wants her make her popular and use that to sell it! Absolute madness. And yet, he almost makes her believe it. Bound up in the machinations of a powerful woman, Jackson, Lord Sayer has lost every investor his hard work over the years had brought him. Until he meets the lovely Miss Rees, who inspires him to sell something of his own, and finds himself falling in love with the unique Gwen, no matter what it may do to their growing business.

A deeply moving and enjoyable read, Lord Satyr’s tale of outsiders finding themselves makes this a must-read for fans of historical romance. Jackson’s tale opens this story, with a beautiful scene that makes clear the depths of the villain’s ability to counteract Jackson’s need for freedom. Jackson himself is just as off-beat as the heroine, with traits, such as remembering the details of the lives of others and the latest gossip, that are usually commonly associated with women. It’s a good trade, for Gwen is very much an intellectual trying to grapple with social conventions that make little sense. The growth both of them encounter not only touches, it inspires. A refreshing, passionate read that reminds us that strength comes from accepting ourselves as we are.

Amanda Carlisle