Lord Margrave’s Secret Desire (Gentlemen of Intrigue Book 4)


REGENCY:  Sophia Darlington is ready for marriage, but only one man comes to mind —Viscount Crispin Margrave. They have known each other most of their lives. However, Crispin has a secret. He is with the Regent’s Consul and spies for the king. He knows very well that this job would put the one he loves in great danger, so he distances himself from Sophia. When Crispin investigates a mysterious death, he doesn't believe Sophia would be put in harm’s way. Nor does he realize that she is willing to help him investigate. Sophia is determined to show Crispin that she can be a valuable asset in his investigation. Will Crispin push Sophia away for good, or will they solve this murder together?

This book is delightful from beginning to end! The characters are intriguing and complex! Sophia Darlington is not only sharp but can also defend herself. Crispin is a complicated man. He wants to serve his country but cannot deny his attraction to Sophia. The secondary characters like Aunt Beatrice are just as enjoyable as the main characters, which makes this such a well-rounded story.  The author also ties in themes such as mother-son relationship difficulties, abuse, and the value of women. Between these themes, there is also entertaining dialogue as the characters constantly have a battle of wits. Those who think this just another regency romance need to think again! This beautiful love story also has a dash of action, mystery and suspense. Get swept up in the endearing tale of love and intrigue!

Amanda Hupe