Lord Lucifer (Lords of the Masquerade Book 1)


During the twelve years of marriage to a man old enough to be her grandfather, Lady Diana manages to gain the friendship and trust of her elderly husband, and the respect and loyalty of their servants. She can do nothing about her husband's spoiled, spiteful children remaining cruel and unwilling to be civil. She is perturbed when her brother hires a Mr. Lucifer to provide protection from her despicable stepson, Gregory. Lucifer turns out to be the long thought dead Lord Lucas, her long-lost sweetheart who was unable to save her from the arranged marriage. When her husband is poisoned, Diana is the main suspect and Lucas finds he must work against all odds to save her and hopefully win her heart again.

From heartfelt promises of youth to gallant heroic oaths of the present, "Lord Lucifer" is an adventure-filled romantic page turner! Inspiration will be felt as a young woman learns to carve out a life for herself. Hearts will flutter as a young man sacrifices to become an honorable warrior. Shining in their own right, secondary characters provide the usual support necessary for the main characters to come together. Societal restrictions of the era pose a few obstacles to overcome as they loom in the background of almost everyone's thoughts and actions. A conniving stepson’s diabolical schemes endanger the heroine’s life and the hero’s heart. Ms. Lee does a wonderful job of using strong leads, despicable cads, and family dysfunction to craft a passionate tale where a woman tries to hold on to her freedom, and a man dances with the devil to protect her and claim her as his own.

Tonya Mathenia