Lord of Loyalty, Trysts and Treachery Book Two


Hubert Pike, driven by his greed for wealth, overtook the Marston House when his cousin, Edward, left for war. Edward’s sister, Isobel, becomes the victim of Pike’s greed as he uses all means necessary to subdue her to his whims. Unbeknownst to Pike, overtaking the wealth and social status of the Marston family will not be easy. William Cavendish was Edward’s best friend and comrade on the battlefield. When William arrives at the Marston House to deliver the last wishes of his best friend, the sight of the impoverished Isobel makes him want to do more than just deliver his message. What follows William’s actions after seeing Isobel is powered by his loyalty to his best friend, and his empathy toward poor Isobel.

From extremely vulnerable characters to venomous villains, the book gives the reader a good deal of an entertaining tale. From beautiful mistakes to harsh nightmares, the reader will enjoy a vast array of well-knit scenes that leave no room for boredom. The hero of the story serves as a reminder to the reader that true heroes are not extraordinary people, but those who use their abilities to pursue selfless goals. Despite being a very entertaining tale, some readers may want to know more about the role of Master Bradshaw, the Marston business clerk, in the rescue of the Marston property.  The reader will luxuriate in how the author develops the greed-driven villain who, without a doubt, serves his purpose really well!

JM Lareen