Lord of the Knight (Gentlemen of Knights Book 7)

Maria Lloyd loves her best friend, Captain Phillip Everleigh. When Maria’s brother is publicly accused of being a traitor, Maria and her parents have no choice but to leave London. Luckily, Maria is invited to Paris by friends and leaves with them. When Maria arrives in Paris, she slowly adjusts to her life there. Maria meets Colonel Strickland, with whom she ends up going on many outings, and even entertains the notion of marrying him. Maria notices that Phillip is in Paris too, where he courts a beautiful princess and quickly becomes betrothed to her. Though Maria really doesn’t trust the princess, she still attempts to support Phillip and his plan to marry the woman. Phillip attempts to remain levelheaded, but he falls hopelessly for the noblewoman. Maria must find a way to save Phillip before it’s too late.
“Lord of the Knight” entices readers with each nail-biting mystery! Many plot twists complicate the romance too. Even though some situations aren’t fully expanded on nor are people’s motives fully explained, this heightens the puzzle. At times, the story drags a bit, but it is very appealing anyhow. Maria is just a fantastic heroine, despite her plain appearance. She looks out for everyone that she loves, even if they don’t listen to her, and wants what is best for them. Phillip, the handsome hero, is so indecisive that it is exasperating when he talks excessively about Maria, especially since he never figures out his feelings until the end. This book by Ms. Elizabeth Johns is an engaging historical romantic suspense that readers will truly relish!
Roslynn Ernst