Lord Grenville’s Choice


REGENCY:  Love - Alexander Lambeth has it in spades, but doesn’t realize it. He gave his heart to a young chit, who has now become a widow. Everybody believes he will run into Elizabeth’s open arms…including Felicity, his wife of five years. 


Felicity gave her heart to Alex the day she first saw him. Now she has given him five years of her life, an heir, and the money to keep him comfortable. The one thing she could never freely give, though, was her trust. In her heart she knows that their marriage is one of convenience for him, but nonetheless she loves him fully, heart and soul. Elizabeth wants what she once had - Alex’s devoted attention. She plays coy, tempting her old love, setting society tongues a-wagging.  The games she plays can potentially ruin a number of lives; but will that stop her? 


A star in the world of modern historical fiction, "Lord Grenville's Choice" sucks the reader in and draws them into the sitting room of the Grenville home. Each character is gracefully crafted, with ideas and emotions that cascade together in a waterfall of turmoil and passion. True to the period setting the novel is not burdened by excessive history lessons (an unsatisfying new trend). The tale being told stands 100% on its own merits to become the perfect summer read! Ms. Vandagriff's style hearkens to that of Kathleen Woodiwiss – beautiful prose with an added hint of spice – and it won’t be long before Ms. Vandagriff earns a place among top romance authors! 


Penelope Anne Bartotto