Lord of the Forest (Trysts and Treachery #3)


Clemence Fitzpayne wants to go to court and win the patronage of Queen Elizabeth, but her father has other plans. When she is rescued from kidnappers by a mysterious wild man hiding in the woods, she finds herself with a new challenge: to help Lancelot recover his memory and proper status, but Clemence isn’t the only one being targeted by plots. Lancelot’s memory is spotty at best. He is at home in the forest, relying on his instincts. The actions and habits of the civilized world are ringing alarm bells in his mind, but to stay with Clemence, he’s willing to play along for a while, until poisoning and accusations of murder begin to haunt them both. Recovering Lancelot’s memory and learning the truth will take all of Clemence’s skills and learning, but protecting their future will require even more of her lost knight.

Fans of “Tarzan” will not want to miss this medieval twist, as Ms. Keysian gives the classic tale a hint of mystery and her own successful spin! Both Clemence and Lancelot are complex characters with a realness to them that almost brings them off the page. Their romance is instant and passionate, although some of their interactions do not necessarily fit the time period which might bother those looking for a more historically accurate read. On the other hand, since the plot and mystery are a bit predictable, readers looking for lighter reads with an interesting setting and characters will find that this story with Tarzan-esque tropes and steamy and an unconventional Elizabethan romance will find plenty to enjoy!

Sarah Bradley