Lord Despair (Beastly Lords #1)

Sydney Jane

Lord Simon Devere returns home from the Burmese War broken by the memory of his cousin’s death and unable to separate reality from nightmares. Nicknamed Lord Despair, he is in no position to take up his position as Earl. Jenny Blackwood’s family has been left nearly destitute after her father dies leaving more debts than income. Forced to take up a profession, Jenny assumes the name Mr. Cavendish and begins doing the bookkeeping for many in the village. When she is asked to look over the earl’s finances, she comes across several inconsistencies that must be reconciled, but in order to help the earl with his estates, she must first help him leave his room. As friendship turns to romance, salvation for Simon might be in reach, but only if he can conquer the danger that lies in wait within Lord Despair himself.

An astounding historical romance that gives its hero a horrible case of PTSD and its heroine a head for numbers. Not only is this story a different twist on the usual Victorian romance, it combines the horrors of war with the passion stirred by love. The characters are full of depth, the romance is well written and full of passion and sensuality that will warm the reader. While the story feels long due to everything that happens, the pace is steady and the constant twists keep the reader entranced which well makes up for it. Truly, this is the kind of book that will have the reader eagerly seeking the sequel which focuses on Jenny’s sister. The only real downside to this book is that it ended!

Sarah E Bradley