Lord Darkwood’s Revenge


Over ten years ago, a horrible accident left Douglas Scott, better known as Lord Darkwood, with physical and emotional scars that rendered him a recluse. Abandoned by his fiancée when he needed her most, Douglas grows angry with everyone and everything, and longs for revenge. He finds it in the form of Wendolyne Russel, the sister of the fiancée who abandoned him years ago. He forces Wendy’s parents to allow their daughter to come live in Douglas’ crumbling mansion as a companion for his sick, bedridden aunt. 

Having been maltreated by her own parents more often than not, the job for Wendy is not much different from what she is used to, even if Douglas treats her more like a servant than anything else. As Douglas and Wendy get to know each other better, Douglas finds that his cold heart might be capable of love after all, and Wendy discovers that she’s stronger than she ever thought herself capable of being. 

Douglas’ personality is very difficult to grasp, and that is part of what makes him so intriguing and enigmatic. One moment he is cold and distant, the other he seems to long for companionship, even love. Wendy on the other hand, seems far too naive for her own good. The ‘evil’ characters are rather one-dimensional too; they are mostly driven by greed or cruelty, but their plans or desires are not overly complicated. 

"Lord Darkwood's Revenge" is the archetypical historical romance, with its gothic elements, scarred hero and vengeful schemes. Despite some hiccups in characterization, the story is enjoyable, and the engrossing plot has enough twists and turns to keep any reader entertained. 

Majanka Verstraete