The Look of a Storme (The Storme Brothers Book 3)


Francis Hildebrand Storme, commonly known as Brand, was a Navy man his whole life—until he lost his eye in an intense battle. Now, Brand has become the rake of Ipswich and vows that love isn’t real, until he meets Miss Elizabeth Hayhurst. As the sister of a missionary, Lizzy constantly struggles with pressure from her brother to remain out of sin, though, all she has ever wanted to do was sail far away and go on adventures. When she meets Brand, the possibility of change is everywhere. For Brand, however, she’s simply a challenge—due to a deal he made with his friends to bed her for money. Could Lizzy still change Brand’s mind about love?

With fabulously engaging storytelling, Ms. Sookoo manages to whip readers into an obsessive frenzy over this drool-worthy Victorian couple. The plot is not at all cliché since it has hardly any mention of the ton. It revolves mostly around the connection between Brand and Lizzy as they revel in all things adventure. It feels a bit unrealistic that they fall for one another so quickly, though, one cannot set a timer on true love. Most of the novel involves scenes with just the two of them alone, which seems a little unrealistic as they constantly manage to sneak off together. Nonetheless, readers can see more than just a connection through physical intimacy but one of the lovers’ shared similarities. Their first intimate scene is anticlimactic to say the least, but the author makes up for it by showering readers with more romantic scenes between the two.

Austen Grace