The Look of Love (Book of Love, Book One)


Lady Olivia Gosling is alone, facing her first season on society’s stage with no suitors, no prospects, and no dowry. Miserly Viscount Francis Gosling assumed the family title, lands and all the mismanaged finances when Olivia's parents died and she became his ward. Never missing an opportunity to berate her or her family’s finances, Olivia is shamed into believing she will always be alone. Feeling trapped, abused, neglected, and unloved, she can see no way to escape her dismal fate, until a strange antiquated book falls squarely on her head, filled with pages promising to bring her the only thing she truly wants — real love.

Author Meara Platt does a fair job spinning a tale of childhood friends evolving into something more. Of the list of characters in her story, the most unique is an antiquated book called “The Book of Love.” Ms. Platt cleverly allows the audience a peek into its pages through the eyes of her heroine, Lady Gosling.  However, there is not enough of the pseudo-scientific tome to save this tale from itself.  Two-dimensional characters, coupled with stilted dialogue and effervescent-less imagery, make empathy a chore. However, there are moments of intrigue and mystery with dashes of betrayal, which allow the lover of romance to find a happy ending in spite of these shortcomings.

“The Look of Love” is an easy read, and for romance fans, may be just the book to choose on a lazy Saturday when a feel-good romance is on the menu.

Kimberly Gunvaldson