Longing For Home: A Proper Romance (Longing for Home #1)

Sarah M.

It is 1870 and twenty six-year old Katie Macauley has just arrived in Hope Springs, Wyoming to become the housekeeper of a prominent businessman.  An Irish immigrant, Katie's options are few and this is her last hope at employment.  She has been in servitude since she was eight years old - hard work has become her friend so she WILL succeed!  That determination is promptly put to the test when Joseph Archer, her employer, learns of her heritage.  Hope Springs is a deeply divided community where the Irish are NOT welcome and he is not in a position to keep her on.   


As the town erupts and the boiling point is exceeded, Katie finds herself in the middle of a vicious feud that no one can win.  At the same time, her heart is torn between the devilishly handsome Tavish O’Conner and the one man she cannot have - Joseph Archer.


Rarely does one find a book that imbues all aspects of a historical love story with the ugly realities of racism and prejudice as beautifully as does this one!  It is told with empathy and understanding while delving into the depths of emotion involved in people's lives in this era.  Katie’s character is strong, yet flawed, kind, yet imperfect.  Admittedly those readers who want everything tied up neatly at the end or those who balk at love triangles will hesitate but none can argue the simple beauty in writing that follows this courageous young woman through the most troublesome of times. Highly recommended for those times when a quiet, thoughtful yet full and rich read is needed!


Ruth Lynn Ritter