Longing for Home, Book 2: Hope Springs

Sarah M.

WESTERN:  Katie Macauley made up her mind to make the small town of Hope Springs, Wyoming her home despite her lifelong dream of returning to Ireland and her family.  She is needed here.  The town needs her and the two men she loves are both here - Joseph Archer, the strong, steady American who gives her strength just by his presence and Tavish O’Connor, the playful Irish jokester who makes her happy with a mere smile.

As the town’s prejudices grow more dangerous, Katie determines to find a way to unite the people by making one sacrifice after another.  When tragedy hits, however, all, even Katie, must face their demons and choose to allow them to destroy or use them to build a better life.

In this second of the Longing for Home Trilogy, Ms. Eden continues the story of Katie and the struggles between the Irish immigrants and their American counterparts.  It can stand alone but not easily.  Much of the depth behind both the trials and the loves are based in book #1.  Here, the reader watches as tensions grow and choices must be made.  It moves at a somewhat slower pace but the clean, sweet beauty in the telling is both a delight and a comfort.  The characters are realistically drawn, the troubles sadly accurate.  It isn’t often that history is told with such a personal feel. If one is searching for a quiet yet lovely look at life and love amidst the settling of the West, this one is a perfect pick!

Ruth Lynn Ritter