Lone Wolfe (World of de Wolfe Pack)


Titus Saint-Germain and Lady Desiderata de Mandeviel have been betrothed since her birth. While it is a practical alliance between two families, Titus and Desi have fallen in love and can’t wait to wed. Before they can do so, the winds of political change blow and Yorkist Titus becomes a target of the Lancasters. When told that her fiancé perished in battle and that she must wed another, Desi stalls for time. She knows in her heart that her love is not dead and all she needs is a sign. But will it come before her father hands her over to another?


Love blossoms and stands steadfast amidst political tensions, machinations and battle in this sweet historical romance. The tension is thick and one can only sympathize with Desi as she’s used as a political pawn by her weak-willed father. But Desi herself is far from weak. She’s smart, gutsy, and loyal and thinks quickly on her feet. Titus is a courageous warrior whose singular fear is failing the love of his life. They are stronger together and Desi is determined to see they are never parted again. Secondary characters add depth without taking away the spotlight and the world is painted with crispness and clarity. The only pothole on the road to a perfect read is a plot point that should not have been possible given the circumstances. Otherwise this heart-fluttering, nerve-wracking, swoon-worthy romance is one for the ages!


Carol Conley