Live and Let Spy

Elizabeth Ellen

Adam Hardacre, after being denied a long overdue promotion, resigns his position with the Royal Navy. However, he’s immediately offered the opportunity to apply his skills to infiltrate a group of traitors plotting a French invasion in England. His new assignment takes him back home to Cornwall, where he meets Olivia Collins. Olivia is a former governess, living temporarily on the estate of her previous employer, tying up loose ends before the house is sold. In the process, she discovers that at a very tender age, Adam had an affair with the local squire’s daughter. When Olivia shares her discovery with Adam, it creates an emotional bond between them.  However, Adam’s work could put Olivia’s life in danger. Not only that, the question of who can or should be trusted simmers beneath the surface as loyalties are questioned and tested. 

Danger, intrigue and romance! Oh my! This first book in the new King’s Rogue’s series sets the stage for what is sure to be a fabulous series!!  While the story juggles three storylines—Adam and Olivia’s romance, the spies Adam is trying to flush out, and the mystery of what became of Adam’s former lover—the author did an amazing job with keeping the right tempo and balance.  This one is a real page turner, with breathless action, a little mystery, a few moments of sadness, and a lovely romance between two more mature adults. This story is full of depth and well-developed characters and will delight any and all fans of historical romance! 

Julie Whiteley