With a Little Help from my Lord (The Beresford Adventures Book 3)


Devere is going on his wedding trip, but does not want to bring his maiden sister with him, so he enlists his best friend, Alex Muir, Lord Rockingham to watch over Harriet. It seems like an easy task. Alex will check on “Bitsy” his name for her, daily. But that is not to be. The first day, Bitsy is in hysterics and tells him a man has been shot with an arrow in front of her on the front porch and died. When she returns with help, the body and her book he took from her, are both gone. No one in her aunt’s house believes her, and it appears Alex does not either. Later that same day, Bitsy is kidnapped from the back yard. She escapes from the carriage she is in and finds her way to parliament, where Alex is. She tells him her story, and now he believes.

“With a Little Help from my Lord” is an unusual romance because it also includes kidnapping, murder, intrigue, and suspense. The action is ongoing from the first page until the very end. Colorful characters fill the pages giving even more life to an already vivid story. The plan to catch the kidnappers and the “Fat Man” has a gaping hole in it that is unbelievable and disappointing! Alex is a puzzle. He has a stiff and proper demeanor, yet he has Bitsy move in with him – perfectly innocent, but completely against the mores of the times. A lively story, there is never a dull moment when Bitsy is misbehaving and Alex is cleaning up the mess!

Belinda Wilson