Lion Heart (Heart of the Highlands #4)


When former commander of Scottish warriors Elias MacPherson of Invergarry sees apothecary assistant Lily Bennett in the small countryside village of Sevenoaks, he's drawn to her. Once enslaved by a cruel master, she still lives in the shadow of that man's obsession. She's intelligent and assertive, and knows how to defend herself, but Eli the Lion Heart's presence is appreciated even as he seduces her thoughts into sensual temptation. Their circumstances make yielding a bad idea. The spread of the plague of the Black Death from France into England forces them to work together to save themselves and everyone in Sevenoaks. 

“Lion Heart" quickly establishes a strong sense of place and time with its gritty historical details. The public health threat plus the debate about safety concerns versus uninterrupted commerce seems especially timely and universal. Unpredictable patterns of infection, seemingly random recoveries, and dedicated—though primitive—medical professionals offer key elements of a contagion thriller. Eli's emotional battle scars and Lily's troubles touch with sensitivity on moving forward from trauma, with some mysteries and a few twists and turns thrown in. A slow start in the first two chapters revs into a higher gear that gallops until the end. Minor plot holes and illogical behavior regarding a recurring threat slightly distract from this story's many strengths. Danger stalks Lily and Eli from multiple sources and in different ways, making “Lion Heart" an exciting read!

Cardyn Brooks