The Line That Divides


Marianne Leichtner couldn’t care less about romance – with World War II ravaging Europe, she has little time to think about anything but survival. But when an American B-17 bomber crashes in the hills near her home, and she discovers two of the plane’s crewmen in the barn and her entire life is turned upside down. She decides to help them and finds herself falling head over heels for Charlie, one of the Americans. When the Nazis arrive, she even helps them escape. When she hears news about two Americans killed near the border, she assumes her beloved has passed away and tries to heal her broken heart the only way she knows how: by joining the Austrian resistance. 


The descriptions are vivid, and the settings are described in great detail, making it easy for the reader to picture what’s happening. Marianne is an engaging character, with a strong personality. She’s afraid, yes, but she turns her fear into strength, even going as far to risk her own life for others. Her strength of character shows throughout the book, turning her from an average girl into a daring woman. The historical accuracy is a bonus, and the writing is fluent in this fast-paced historical novel. 


Majanka Verstraete