Lily of the Valley

Sarah M.

Kester Barrington met his best friends at Eton College. Adopting him into their group, they accept nothing less than his friendship. Kester has to be dragged to social events and house parties. When one of the group, Stanley, dies after a house party Kester missed, he vows to never again miss a chance to be with his friends - despite his need for solitude. Now Kester finds himself the host of a house party with all his friends in attendance. Violet Ridley’s fathers’ investments in iron have moved her family up in society. Joining the gentry, they have purchased a country estate which happens to be on the land neighboring Kester’s. The problem is that they don’t know the rules of society.  When the new country estate catches fire, Kester’s band of friends rescue the Ridley’s, and he invites them to stay in his home. Kester values his solitude, but as he spends time with Violet, he begins to value her as well.

Violet is a sweet but surprisingly strong character. Her fortitude shows as she pursues her dream of improving her prosthetic arm. As she begins to trust Kester, allowing him to help her, and then working together to make her dream a reality, their friendship begins to develop into something more. The tender relationship between Kester and Violet is sweet and endearing. The supporting characters of their friends and family are colorful and lively. The author masterfully uses the house party to create an environment ripe for love to blossom. Filled with witty banter, colorful characters, and tender moments “Lily of the Valley” will plant itself in every reader’s heart.

Cara Cieslak