Liliana’s Letter

Alina K.

Mr. Mercer is determined that his daughter will marry no less than an Earl. He has chosen Thomas, the Earl of Hackwell, because of his title and because there is ore on his property. Hackwell is a drunken sot who is sixteen years Katie’s senior and is only interested in her for her generous dowry. Liliana Ashworth has been hired to help turn Katie out, since her mother is so ill. Liliana is equally determined that when Katie weds she will be happy in her marriage, and she’s hoping for a love match for her. What Miss Ashworth is not looking for is a husband of her own, but Baron Grisby has plans for Liliana as soon as he sets eyes upon her.


This is a beautiful little story packed with action and intrigue! It is filled with the usual routs associated with regencies, but includes some very colorful characters as guests. Liliana is a strong heroine who can think for herself and her charge. The main characters are well fleshed out, while the secondary characters tend to fall flat and are there to serve their purpose, but have no depth. Although the ending is satisfactory, the murder is never solved, but is promised to be attended to in the next novel in the series. This reader looks forward to reading “Bella’s Band” to learn who the murderer of the Earl of Hackwell is. 


Belinda Wilson