Light of My Heart (Duke of Rutland #2)

St. Michel

American Rachel Thorne has travelled to England to visit family — and to search for a suitable husband.  Her sister-in-law, Abby, has arranged for Rachel's introduction to society. When she arrives, she is introduced to Lord Anthony, Abby’s brother, who is to accompany her to society balls and dinners. When their first outing ends in the bushes after an “accident”, Lord Anthony and Rachel are suspicious of the circumstances. A dead body and more “accidents” follow them. There is also the rising attraction between them — as scientists, they love to involve themselves in research, which brings them so much closer together. They must discover who is trying to murder whom.

"Light of My Heart" is set in 1779, and is packed full of mystery, romance, and action! The story proceeds quickly, with the author deftly intertwining science and history in the midst of leaving clues as to the identity of the murderer and his motive. Mysterious characters lurk about in the background, watching and waiting, and questions keep building until the mystery is finally revealed. The reader will find the answers quite surprising!

Jodi Martines