By the Light of the Moon (Lakeside #1) Laila Blake


FANTASY:  Lady Moira Rochmond is considered to be quite eccentric, with her ghostly looks and wandering in the night. But her father needs to find her a husband - a man who will one day rule his fief. The first step is to hire a bodyguard to watch over her. And not a regular bodyguard, but one of the Blaidyn, a shapeshifting species created by the Fae for their battle abilities. Owain, his name is, and he needs some time to stay away from the battles, so a job protecting a lady in a quiet fief sounds perfect. But the more he gets to know Moira, the less easy it seems. How can he guard her and protect her for her future husband when his heart cries out for her?


A deeply emotional fantasy romance between two, one might even say, star-crossed people . Moira and Owain’s untraditional courtship will flutter many a heart. The writing style is lyrical at times, which only enhances the emotional depth of the story. The relationship is the true strength of the story. Some of the characters are well drawn, but some just lack the intricacy that would make them more believable and memorable. All in all, a fantasy story that will make the reader yearn for the continuance of Moira and Owain’s story.


Ana Smith