Life Dust: A Novel


Nettie and Andy have been best friends and soul mates since their early childhood. Engaged to be married, their wedding is put on hold when Andy receives orders from the Army to deploy to South Vietnam for a year. Determined to wait for him, Nettie focuses on her work as an ER nursing intern. However, when she stumbles upon a nursing supervisor and a surgeon having a tryst, she finds herself the target of the vengeful lovers. Meanwhile in Southeast Asia, Andy is leading a reconnaissance squad through the treacherous jungle to scout enemy movements under orders from an incompetent superior. When an opportunity arises to capture an enemy officer and aid a high-ranking freedom fighter appears, it could be a trap, or it could save many lives. Struggling to survive miles apart and dealing with the best and worst of humanity at home and abroad, Nettie and Andy must trust in God and their allies to make it back to each other.

A remarkable tale of courage, honor, and love, “Life Dust” addresses the struggles of the Vietnam War period as well as the effects of our choices during life. Told in alternating viewpoints over the course of a year in 1971 the experiences of both Nettie and Andy engage the reader with a tale of choices, forgiveness, and a reason many fight. The characters introduced are rich and colorful. The plot and its conflicts are neatly explored and resolved. Many historical events and organizations are presented in such a way to help readers connect with these events. Overall, this book is a must read for lovers of military and historical fiction.

Sarah E Bradley