The Leviathan (The Blackchurch Guild: A Medieval Romance)

Kathryn Le Veque

The Blackchurch Guild, in a remote forest of thirteenth century Devon, England, is an elite training ground for the greatest warriors of the age. Its trainers are brutal and effective, with monikers such as Tempest, Protector, Avenger, and Dragon. Young Athdara de Ghent, daughter of the murdered Duke of Toxandria, comes to Blackchurch to seek the training that she believes will allow her to retake the duchy on behalf of her baby brother. The first of her teachers is Tay Munro, called The Leviathan, who has a history of driving female recruits off his training field. But Tay is drawn to Athdara like none other since his past heartache two years ago. He may relent and agree to teach her everything he knows, but her mission will be a dangerous one. When Athdara completes her training, will Tay be able to let her go?

Kathryn Le Veque introduces a Guild filled with superlative and intriguing warriors that stirs the imagination and tempts desires. Athdara would have been more comfortable as a chatelaine, but fights tooth and nail for her father’s legacy. Tay’s masculine physicality defines his purpose at Blackchurch. However, falling in love with the duke’s daughter allows Tay to realize some emotional clarity and healing. Athdara’s determination, Tay’s compassion, and both the nobility and villainy of various supporting characters all are painted with easy and brilliant brush strokes. Action, romance, and even misguided foolishness conspire to prevent the reader from putting this novel down. “The Leviathan” is the start of a new series, but its instant appeal confirms the work of a seasoned master writer.

Joan Lai