Lessons in Spectacle (Her Majesty’s Matchmaker, Book 2)


The Montagues and the Capulets—or in this case, the Anworths and the Carmichaels. A feud that spans generations and a love to heal all. When James Anworth is told he has to move back to London, he’s furious, and not eager to go back to an unfamiliar place. His father wants nothing more than to return. After being banished to the colonies for ten years for murdering the remaining males of the Carmichael family, he’s eager to return to London to curry favor with the Queen and regain his titles and lands—both the Anworth lands and the Carmichaels’. But hiding in plain sight is the last Carmichael. And James falls head over heels in love with her. When Portia arrives from Bombay in the midst of a rainstorm, dumped blocks from her guardian’s home, she has no one willing to help her. When James and his brothers happen upon her and her maid, she is defenseless and scared. But she takes note of the youngest Anworth.

Readers, this new spin on Romeo and Juliet is simply delightful. James is the youngest son who is tormented not just by his brothers, but also his father. James grew up in the Colonies and his views on life stem from the New World. He enjoys the freedom of the streets of New York, and once the Anworths move back to London, he schemes and plots to return as soon as possible. The star-crossed courtship is quick and intense, and readers can’t help but root for them. In fact, readers can’t help but root for everyone except the eldest Anworth and his evil machinations.

Heather McCoubrey