Lessie (Brides of New Hope Book One)


Midwife Lessie MacKenzie is trying to get on with her life and get through each day. She is shocked to find her missing husband standing on her doorstep — the husband she was forced to marry, the one who was injured in the Civil War. He disappeared the day after their wedding leaving her with a memorable kiss. Eli MacKenzie wanted to forget the horrors of the war and get his medical practice off the ground in New Hope. Now he finds himself in front of the woman he has been seeing in his dreams for two years and she says she is his wife. As they get to know one another, their feelings grow. However, Lessie has a secret that could bring everything crashing down around them. 

This is a true historical romance in every sense of the word. Jo-Ann Roberts knows her history and she manages to pull the reader back in time to civil war times with her avid descriptions. An array of different characters, both primary and secondary, brings so much to this story. There is a lot of raw emotion between these two characters and particularly with Eli who has been through the horrors of the civil war and seen some horrendous things. A very sweet romance that readers will love with two adorable characters. 

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick