Lena’s Courage (Spirited Hearts Series-Volume 2)


WESTERN:  Lucas Kline was dedicated to shaping the justice system in the Wyoming Territory.  He was successful and settled in his ways until Lena Shuler stumbled into his office.  Lena, returning home, now has a son to protect.  A bittersweet homecoming to immigrant parents, she’s determined to live a quiet life, safely removed from a horrific event that spurred her departure years earlier… until the man who shattered her world returns as well.  She’s now committed to help the legal system rid society of a ruthless figure.  Can Lucas help Lena learn to live free of fear and open her heart or will her past overshadow her future?

A brave undertaking of an uncommon plot for 1876’s Cheyenne Wyoming, this is a sweet tale of hardship turned to triumph. This is the second installment for this series, but is definitely a stand-alone episode with enough well-placed references that readers may find themselves seeking out the first book.  Lena, pure of heart, has the grit that many women of the period worked to achieve and be seen paralleled in our current time.  Lucas is a dream of a character, from looks and intelligence to patience and tenderheartedness with just enough background given throughout to keep readers engaged to learn more.  The buildup of their relationship is well placed and paced.  Light editing corrections are needed as well as a word of caution regarding assault on women.  This perfectly balanced suspense, historical romance that creates an accurate depiction for the period is Hallmark quality.

Roberta Gordon