Legacy of Truth (Druid’s Brooch Series Book 2)


Esme has always lived a relatively sheltered life - until now. Eamonn, her grandfather, asks Esme if she would use magic if she had it. Then he shows her a mysterious brooch and teaches her how to unleash its power. He tells her it has been passed down through her family, and it is her turn. The brooch works differently for each person who possesses it. For Esme, she can now tell when people are telling the truth. She learns over time that this can be both a blessing and a burden.


The characters in this tale are written with depth and dimension. Esme knows the truth, so she also knows the ulterior motives of the people around her, which cause some unfortunate situations for her. The scenery in the story is beautiful and one can see it in their mind’s eye, it is so eloquently described. There were a few things that caused confusion for this reader, however. In the timeline, Aoife is five in one chapter, and then in the following chapter is described as an infant. In another place, it is first said that Sean has been gone for seven months, but later in time he’s only been gone for five months. This makes it difficult to keep up with the ages and times in the story. The novel is poignant and cuts to the reader’s heart with its many tragedies that befall the players. This is the sequel to “Legacy of Hunger” but it works well as a standalone novel.


Belinda Wilson