Legacy of Luck (Druid’s Brooch, #3)


Éamonn and his family meet other Travelers like themselves as well as locals at the horse fair in Ballyshannon, Ireland, but it’s Katie that steals his heart. When her father abruptly marries her off to a Scottish Traveler and they head back to the Isle of Skye, Éamonn follows them. Accompanied by Katie’s sister and his cousin, Éamonn will need all the luck he can get to overcome the long odds of finding Katie before her new brother-in-law beats her to death. Good thing the Fae have granted him a power, but it’s one he must learn to control before he needs it most.


Set in 1745, this beautifully written tale of Travelers in Ireland is a fascinating look into a relatively unknown aspect of history. With little background or world-building the author launches the reader into a tale rich in tradition with a dash of Fae fantasy thrown in to enhance the flavor. However, the pace is excruciatingly slow with events happening at a snail’s pace for a good portion of the book. In addition, many HEA lovers will find Éamonn unlikeable and his activities distinctly unpalatable. His actions in no way match his earnest words. Obstacles set in the path to save his lady love appear as mere props, but do give additional insight into this world. Stepping up the pace and polishing Éamonn's tarnished character would go far in making this historical fantasy stand above the crowd.


Carol Conley