Leaving Freedom

Sharon L.

Thirty-year-old Connie Lewis leaves her home town of Freedom to move to Florida and live with her mother. She's now able to write the book that has been in her head for a while. As it stands, the people she becomes close to in Florida all have secrets and as she goes on her journey, she discovers some of these secrets and will have to decide where she finally wants to settle down and make her home. Where will she finally settle down and live her life?

This book follows the main character over several years, which means there are many emotions to deal with.  These are projected straight from the page to the reader and results in a very fascinating and emotional read. Connie is an interesting main character; she goes through so much in the book and yearns to share her novel with the world. Writers may enjoy this book and sympathize with her need to get her novel out there. Aspects of the novel needed to move a little faster as they dragged on and took away from the overall flow of the book. Despite this, the book moves at an even pace which makes the book an ideal read for a cozy night in. Looking for a book that will make one think and ponder different outlooks on life? This is for sure the one to pick up!

Lynn-Alexandria McKendrick