Leader of the Titans

Le Veque

This story is set in medieval England. The king banishes his youngest son, Constantine, who becomes a legendary leader of pirates. His best men are former knights, and now they travel the seas together as the famous Pirates of Britannia. But there are those close to the reigning king who want Constantine dead. Enter a beautiful lady named Gregoria, whose conniving brother has pushed her into being a part of a scheme to kill Constantine. She doesn’t want to do it but has no choice but to obey. The suspense builds as Gregoria and Constantine travel together, and they start to realize the attraction between them. She starts to have second thoughts.

The author weaves together romance and action in this wonderful story of pirates on the open seas. The characters come alive, and readers get in on the action and feel the romance blooming.  There are shady characters that could use a little more background information when they are included in the deadly scheme to kill Constantine, and there are also those close to Constantine who bear secrets that they will not share, which seems implausible. Minor flaws aside, “Leader of the Titans” is a delightful action story that keeps readers’ attention easily until the very end, or is this the end?

Jodi Martines