Laying Claim (Halsey Homecoming)


WESTERN:  Clara Bixie has to find her brother - her family's business depends on it.  Her search has brought her to Skagway, Alaska, but until she finds a guide to lead her across the treacherous White Pass to Dawson, she's stuck.  Enter Jeremy Dawson.  Traveling through to Dawson to deliver his last cargo before returning home, he proves to be honest, trustworthy, and the perfect choice of a guide, despite the fact that he disturbs Clara’s peace of mind. They embark on their journey during a blizzard, which does little to cool the heat that flares between Jeremy and Clara. 

This story, which takes place in 1898 during the Alaskan gold rush, totally captivates the reader with its perfect blend of history, adventure, and romance. The characters are engaging and believable with Clara as a strong-willed and determined woman, who faces adversity head on, and Jeremy, who compliments her perfectly as a romantic, chivalrous hero. Even though the story starts out slowly, it quickly picks up the pace and flows smoothly while grabbing the reader’s attention. The scenes are descriptive and paint vivid pictures that have the reader experiencing the biting cold of the blizzard, the perils of the journey, and the palpable sexual tension between the protagonists. There are sensual, slightly graphic sex scenes that are sigh worthy, and twists and turns that keep the adventure going. This is a very entertaining read that delivers excitement, romance, and a happily ever after, all wrapped up in a very good story!

Janna Shay