The Last Waltz

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Nothing is quite so grand as Vienna in 1913. Beauty, fashion, art, love—the epitome of decadence. Amidst the gaiety, beautiful Amalia Faulhaber is offered marriage by a Prussian baron and couldn’t be more secure—until said baron breaks off the engagement in anticipation of the glories of war. Polish Doktor Andrzej Zaleski stumbles upon the distraught Amalia and her world is upended. How can she be intrigued by him? She’s still in love with the baron! Isn’t she? Passion she’s never felt before is ignited upon their first waltz and it isn’t long before Andrzej asks her to be his. But when pride, deceit, and war interfere, can their love endure?

Vandagriff’s dedication to her novel is unparalleled. The amount of research and devotion put into this work is readily apparent. Scenes of war and grandeur, squalor, and conviviality, easily transport the reader to another time and place. Though the main love story feels slightly unfinished, the Last Waltz is a beautiful epic spanning a tumultuous time in the world’s history. Experiencing it from Austria’s point of view is both poignant and lovely. It is clear that the author holds a special place in her heart for it, and now her readers will, too. Wunderbar!

Sandy Ponton