Last Stop, Wylder

Morgan Dodd has spent years building a reputation as a gunman for hire after the war. Unfortunately, this has placed him in a few awkward positions. As time passes, he finds himself longing for a new life where no one knows his name. He just needs one last job to raise the money and finds one with a railroad agent in Wyoming -except a woman in blue on the train, and a shifty boss makes him doubt his plans. Emily Martin hopes helping her brother with his newspaper in Wylder will satisfy her need for independence, and give her a fresh start. Arriving in town, she instead finds herself short one brother, plus a handful of challenges instead. The mysterious gunman might be the ally she needs, but as a common enemy stirs to cause more trouble, Emily finds herself the target and it will take everything they both have to save the town and themselves.
A romance full of sizzling attractions, “Last Stop, Wylder” is all about the stolen moments between the sexy gunman and an independent reporter with a side of danger. Readers looking for a light meal and a hefty dose of sugar will enjoy this uncomplicated plot with minor conflict and a ton of sexual tension. The characters themselves do not necessarily grow individually as they gravitate toward one another, but the hints readers get at their backstories give a bit of depth to the main leads and touch on some historical events that are less talked about. Overall, readers looking for a lighter Western romance with a touch of history should give this book a try!
Sarah E Bradley