The Last Serenade (Sybil Ingram Victorian Mysteries #2)


MYSTERY:  Former actress and newly discovered medium Sybil Ingram is set to marry the love of her life, the dashing violinist, Roderick Brooke.  Their plans are suddenly dashed, however, when Roderick receives a letter from his former lover Julia begging him for help. Although Sybil sees the obvious ploy to win Roderick back, she also knows Roderick will never be free of that tempestuous time in his life when he killed Julia’s husband in a duel for her love if he now ignores her pleas.   


Upon arriving in Paris, the couple find more mysteries and intrigue than they bargained for! Julia deviously launches schemes to save her from ruin, the theater company is fraught with deceit and there is a malevolent presence inhabiting it all. To top it off, the theater’s financier is murdered and the finger points at none other than Roderick!   Can Sybil’s talents sort through the morass of mayhem before Roderick is imprisoned or the killer strikes again?


If one enjoys a great mystery with a touch of romance, there are few better than this!  Set in late 19th-century Paris, everything that is rich and romantic, as well as corrupt and dissolute, are brought to the forefront as Sybil’s delightful character uncovers everything from the quirky to the diabolical.  A first time reader will find themselves frustrated at times, as much of the story depends on a background referenced from another book.  Even so, it never actually hinders the overall plot and enjoyment of following these highly likable characters as they race to find a killer while discovering the joys of true love! 


Ruth Lynn Ritter