Land of Wolves: The Return of Lincoln’s Bodyguard (Lincoln’s Bodyguard Series)


SUSPENSE/THRILLER:  "What if President Abraham Lincoln had survived the assassination attempt — how would history change?”

Joseph Foster is Abraham Lincoln's bodyguard.  Half white, half Native American, he feels as though he has a huge bull's eye on his life. The South is now his enemy, and many wish to see him as dead as Lincoln should have been had the assassination been successful. With President Johnson now in office, The Confederation of Industrial Barons want him impeached and need Joseph’s testimony on their behalf. The Barons killed his mother and kidnapped his daughter, but Joseph and his love Molly will do anything and everything in their power to stop them. As they travel across the US, they will meet Chief Sitting Bull, fight General Custer and do whatever is necessary to find his daughter and stop the Barons from swaying Congress to benefit their own coffers. 

Wow, what an interesting twist on historical events! Mr. Turner has written an alternate historical version of the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, and spun a tale of events after the attempt is thwarted. The reader is taken on an adventure with a Bonnie and Clyde-like couple in Joseph and Molly. There is murder, mystery, political corruption, love and intrigue. The villains are evil, and wicked…especially one named O’Malley. He is a character one will love to abhor! This is the second in the series and stands alone, but it might be beneficial to read “Lincoln’s Bodyguard” first. This story is a page-turner, so expect to lose track of time while reading!

Lynne Bryant