Laird of Shadows (MacDougall Legacy Book 1)


When Vikings attack Elle Cam'beal's  parents have her run away with her younger brother, Erik, and advise her to take the claymore that resides over the hearth. Her destination is Dunstaffnage Castle, home of Laird MacDougall. When the Laird sees the claymore, he will give Elle and her brother safe lodging. Elle arrives at the castle and leaves Erik with a crofter, so that she can properly present the claymore to the Laird, but there is no welcoming party for her. The Laird is dead, killed by Vikings. His son, Beiste, is the new Laird, and he  takes Elle prisoner. 

Misunderstanding and a lack of communication between Beiste and Elle lend a comedic moment to a story filled with violence and solemnity. A real page turner, the pacing of this novel is perfect. Visitation from the ghostly previous Laird adds a touch  of the macabre to an otherwise straightforward story. The story itself is not entirely unique; it has many parallels to “Beauty and the Beast”, but the romance in this work is fresh and keeps the story alive. This reviewer’s interest was caught from the very beginning and didn’t wane throughout. Ms. Knight does a beautiful job of melding together a story of love and war and promises more in subsequent books in the series.

Belinda Wilson