Reviews - Historical

Never Waste Tears

In the 1840’s five very different people started out on a journey.  None were 100% sure where it would take them, but they were excited about the new adventures that lay ahead.

Devastated by the loss of his wife in childbirth, overwhelmed by the duties left to him by his deceased father, and called upon to defend the church as a knight in the Crusades, Colin finds himself in need of a mother for his newborn son.

Triumphator (Magnus #2)
Robert Allen

Why are lesser men often threatened by the great? Gnaeus Pompey Magnus has earned his title and status, yet he feels more comfortable among his men-of-war than he does among the senators of Rome.

The Beauty of You

Lady Charmaine de Vere seems to have an idyllic life and is the envy of the ton. What nobody knows is that she harbors a horrible secret in her heart and soul - a secret that prevents her from living her life to the fullest. The Earl of Chilton, Sinclair Darling, marries Charmaine after she tricks him into the necessary arrangement.

FANTASY/TIME TRAVEL:  Juliette McGowan’s sister Claire has been missing for three weeks when she suddenly shows up naked at a beach and gives Juliette a scroll.