Reviews - Historical

MEDIEVAL:  It’s 1187 A.D. and the Lord of Winter, Sir Juston de Royans, has been sent by Richard the Lionheart to take Bowes Castle. Juston has never lost a battle and his reputation is known far and wide, but Bowes is a tougher target than he’s faced before. He finally succeeds in taking the castle and all within it, including the now-dead lord’s sister-in-law, Emera la Marche.

A Country Christmas (Timeless Regency Collection Book 5)
Josi Kilpack, Carla Kelly,
Jennifer Moore

This collection of Christmas regency romances will put any reader in the Christmas spirit! They each have the common setting in the country with both nobles and servants, but all of them are ordinary people who just want to find love. “Saints and Sinners”, by Josi Kilpack, introduces childhood friends Neville and Eloise.

REGENCY:  Brette Culpepper is a born matchmaker - or so she thinks.

At twenty-five Lady Juliette Brooks is firmly on the shelf, although through no fault of her own. When her father’s new wife decides it is time for her to be married she has no choice in the matter.

REGENCY:  It is Lady Mercy’s first season and she is interested in marrying for love, just like all of her sisters. She is quite a unique individual because she also wants to be independent after she is married. She wants to create beauty aids such as facial creams and write a book about her beauty advice.