Like a Laird to a Flame


William Keith, Laird of Dunnottar and Marischal of Scotland needs a wife, something he has fought against for a long while. While hosting the Black Douglases for Yule, he receives an invite from his sister Elizabeth to spend the holiday with her and her husband at their home in Drum. Upon arrival, he comes face to face with Mary, and learns his sister wishes them to marry. When Mary learns of Elizabeth’s plans, she’s furious, yet realizes the idea is sound, as she needs the protection of a husband for her and her unborn child. William always hoped for a love match, yet sees the sense behind marrying someone so well connected, even if they cannot stand each other. But outside forces plan to keep Mary and William apart by any means necessary, including starting a multi-clan war to achieve that goal. 

One can never go wrong with a Mia Pride book, as her love of history and attention to detail is evident in every page of this cleverly crafted tale. “Like a Laird to a Flame” is a captivating story set in ancient Scotland, with well-developed and entertaining main characters. Some of the secondary characters are so delightful they deserve their own stories. The relationship progression between William and Mary is interesting, although the switch from mutual disdain to love does seem a little quick. The flow of the story is well paced and the sinister machinations of outside forces add some delightful suspense and mystery to the tale. A great addition to the Irvines of Drum series, “Like a Laird to a Flame” will delight any lover of historical fiction!    

Katy Nielsen