Laird of the Deep (A Pirates of Britannia World Novel)


Lord Kendrick MacCallum is desperate after the devastating invasion by clan Lorlands, and the loss of MacCallum Castle. Kendrick’s vow to restore his clan, return their stolen lands and wreak vengeance on those responsible will only be attainable if he can secure help from the one person Kendrick’s father banished years ago — the Laird of Hell’s Fire and Kendrick’s cousin, pirate captain Findlay MacAlpin. Once like brothers, Kendrick is uncertain which Findlay will greet him. He is fearful reaching out to his cousin may cost him his life.  One thing is certain, Kendrick is willing to do whatever it takes to make good on his promise.

“Laird of the Deep,” is a medieval rollicking high seas adventure. Ms. Scott delivers a steady stream of intrigue, betrayal, swashbuckling and romance. The dialogue is believable, and her characters develop steadily toward a predictable, but thoroughly entertaining conclusion. The chemistry between Kendrick and the mysterious woman he encounters in a tavern pantry is irresistible and undeniable. Her ancillary characters are just as interesting, keeping the story fresh from every angle.  Ms. Scott does a nice job with imagery, creating a real sense of the time. Although the finale is somewhat anti-climactic and gives the reader the sense it is rushed for completion’s sake, the story’s charm outweighs the hurried ending, making this a positively enjoyable read.

Fans of the Pirates of Britannia World novels will not be disappointed in this installment and will most definitely anticipate the next adventure from Ms. Scott’s pen!

Kimberly Gunvaldson