The Laird’s Promise

Cassidy K.

Laird Gavin Ferguson wants to protect his twin sister, Lady Margaret, but as he lies dying, there is only one way he can do so, switch identities with her. The Ferguson clan has no problems with a Lady laird, but convincing outsiders is another story. After Laird Ferguson declines one too many invitations to the King’s court, Sir Keelan MacDougall and Patrick MacDuff are sent to ascertain the clan’s continued loyalty, but they sense something strange is going on. If Keelan can pin down the Laird and his sister, he might be able to figure out what. Switching back and forth between her two personas’ is more exhausting than Margaret expected, and the King’s men seem to have no intention of leaving anytime soon. As Margaret falls for Keelan, she finds it harder to keep secrets, and as the truth comes out, Margaret’s Lairdship will face a challenge she didn’t expect.

A historical romance, with a dose of comedy, “The Laird’s Promise” is a stand-alone tale, of identity shenanigans and insta-love. Though the characters are rather two-dimensional, “The Laird’s Promise” is cute story, with romance and bouts of sudden passion that will please fans of steam and passion. The major conflict appears about half way through the book and requires some clever scheming on both sides to get out of, but providing minimal action. Although the plot isn’t new, and the romance is a bit rushed and historically inaccurate, there are plenty of funny moments and smoldering scenes to please a romance lover.

Sarah E Bradley