A Lady Without a Lord (The Penningtons Book 3)


Theophilius Pennington, Viscount of Saybrook, is charming and boyishly irresponsible.  Unfortunately, this very irresponsibility has caught up to him as he struggles to find the money to pay for his sister’s dowry.  Upon learning that his estate is nearly bankrupt, he travels back to Saybrook to find out what has happened.

 Harriot Atherton is the dutiful daughter of the Viscount’s steward and has been working hard to protect her father’s dark secret.  However, this effort is put into peril with Theo’s return.  Her sense of duty to her father is further compromised by her growing attraction to Theo.

“A Lady Without a Lord” is a well written and entertaining story.  Ms. Bennet’s prose is true to the regency period without being overdone.  The author’s research is represented by how well her prose pulls the reader seamlessly into the story.  The characters are nicely complex and the author does a nice job of giving her hero and heroine refreshingly human foibles.  The weakness in “A Lady Without a Lord” is its predictable plot and contrived misunderstandings between the main characters, the only purpose of which are to move the plot along.

For those who are fans of Regency Romance, this book will provide an enjoyable read as well as a nice introduction to readers who are new to the period.

Gwenellen Tarbet