The Lady is Trouble (League of Lords Book 1)


Julian Alexander hears about a medium that attended a party. He knows exactly who the medium is and she was definitely not supposed to be there. Piper Scott has been head over heels in love with Julian Alexander for three years. She knows that they are meant to be together. She plays a medium to get his attention. However, Piper has special paranormal powers. Her healing gift makes her susceptible to dangerous people. Julian has resisted their connection in order to keep her safe. He has always protected those around him with unique abilities, all while battling his own personal demons. Although, protecting her without giving into his feelings will be harder than expected.

This is not an ordinary historical romance; it is filled with magic and the paranormal. In fact, it actually feels more like a paranormal romance in a historical setting. While slim on historical detail, the paranormal background is extremely descriptive. The descriptions of the auras give a very mystical vibe. The main issue is the confusing beginning to the story. It felt like starting a book in the middle. It took awhile for all the details to come together.  When it comes to the characters, they have amazing chemistry, although when taken individually they are completely unlikable. Julian is not brooding, he is cruel. He uses women so he can ignore his feelings for Piper. Piper acts brave but comes off very immature and her decisions constantly put herself in danger. While it has its quirks, it is the first book in the series and it has promise to be an intriguing series.

Amanda Hupe