Lady in the Tower (Tangles Tales #5)


Locked inside a tower by an evil witch, Rapunzel de Bar refuses to wait any longer for one of her five brothers to rescue her. She takes matters into her own hands and escapes through the window, landing quite literally onto Marco Drago del Rossi III. A bounty hunter who has lost both his bounty and his horse, Marco has problems of his own. When Rapunzel asks for his help, however, he finds himself caught up in her curse even as his own complicated past catches up to him. Can a Dragon Lord in training and a cursed lady find love amongst the turmoil surrounding them?

 “Lady in the Tower” can be enjoyed as a standalone, and is the fifth installation in a series that draws inspiration from beloved fairy tales. In this story, the author lifts easily recognizable details from the original fable such as the heroine’s hair and name. The similarities stop there. There is no prince and Rapunzel is far from alone in her tower, which is where most of the story takes place. However, the author does not improve upon the age-old tale. The characters, though complex, are not likable or sympathetic even at the end. Rapunzel acts as little more than a spoiled child, with minimal improvement.  It also says a lot about the male lead that, during their initial meeting, he refuses to help her without compensation.  Though they do not exactly fall to insta-lust, after only their second meeting, they are preoccupied with kissing each other. The frustrating characters and lack of chemistry may put off some readers. Others may enjoy the author’s unique take on a classic tale.

 Arec Rain