The Lady Takes It All (Unexpected Heirs of Scotland Book 1)


Viscount of Dunalastair, Joshua Robertson, is heading home late. Joshua is hiring a new housekeeper and wants to meet her. When Joshua finally gets there, he is entranced by Mrs. Clara Lewis and hires her on the spot despite the objections from his butler. Joshua is secretly attracted to Clara yet realizes that he can’t have her because she is part of his staff. Clara also holds a secret; she isn’t really Clara Lewis but Arabella MacGibbons. Arabella wants to find out the truth about what happened to her father, who also worked with Joshua. Arabella plans to expose Joshua and ruin him. But as Arabella gets to know Joshua, she falls for him. Love wasn’t part of the game plan for either Arabella or Joshua. What’s worse, their attraction to one another could also be deadly.

A wonderful tale of deception, betrayal, secrets and romance all rolled into one! Ms. Brisbin doesn’t disappoint with the convoluted plot twists, excitement and spurts of action. At times, some details aren’t explained fully, leaving some confusion about what is actually going on. At first it’s easy to get lost, but as the story progresses, despite the plot getting more twisted, it gets easier to follow. Many of the side characters almost take center stage. Readers may find it difficult to connect with Arabella because for most of the story she is playing a role, and some may like her as the housekeeper more than herself. Joshua, the secretive hero, is much more likable. Despite its bumps, this book still spins an enjoyable, captivating tale that is well worth reading!

Roslynn Ernst