Lady of Steel (Medieval Ladies #1)


Lady Nicola Mortimer’s evil husband devises a plan that backfires spectacularly when he deliberately places his wife with Fawkes de Cressy, hoping to keep his own vices hidden.  The passion that ignites between them sustains Fawkes through the rigors of the crusades, until he finally gains the right to wed Nicola and rule her lands. However, once they are married, doubts begin to emerge. Building trust proves difficult, as secrets, and rumors of witchcraft forge a wedge between them.  The longer Nicola keeps her secrets the harder it will be to garner Fawkes’ confidence in her.  Will the truth bring them closer together or drive them apart forever?

“Lady of Steel” is a deeply romantic medieval love story. Traditional historical elements gave this novel a solid feeling of authenticity, which allows the reader to escape into the distant past to experience the suspenseful castle intrigue, chivalry, action and adventure along with an intense and fiery romance.  Fawkes is a handsome, noble, and honorable hero, and Nicola is a strong female lead, deeply protective of those she loves.  However, the reader might have benefitted from more insight into the characters' inner thoughts. The pacing could be a little frenetic in some spots, which also stymied the depth and character development. However, the chemistry between Fawkes and Nicola sizzles from start to finish, as they face adversity and danger.  Readers of historical romance, especially fans of the medieval period, will enjoy the gallantry and passion of this epic romance. 

Julie Whiteley