Lady Scot (Always a Scot Book 2)


Eyes firmly set on marrying a Sassenach, Mairi MacAdaidh takes off in the middle of the night, her sights set on London. With the promise of a sponsorship through the London season, Mairi is sure she can find an English husband even if being Scottish may hurt her prospects. When Connall Aberbeag, who has loved Mairi his entire life, shows up on the Dowager’s doorstep battered, sick, and in the company of two other young women, the Countess decides she will take them in and marry them all off before the end of the season. With Connall trying to win her over every step of the way, Mairi wants nothing to do with him or his Scottish ways and she makes it perfectly clear. But just when Connall thinks he’s ready to give up, Mairi opens her heart a bit reigniting the fire he holds.

A book with multiple storylines built in, the story of Mairi, Connall, Sadie, and Iseabail will keep readers entertained and delighted. Strong-minded and quick-witted Mairi is a mystery at times, often having moments that seem unusually out of character for a girl with very little relationship experience. When her issues are eventually discovered, they feel lacking in depth and inconsequential. Mairi and Connall’s story rarely seems to be the main focus but instead shares the breadth of the book with all the other characters and their problems. Connall’s unending devotion to Mairi is delectable, causing one to wonder why Mairi would ever turn away from him in the first place. A sweet tale of two hearts destined to find their way to each other.

Marie Sanderson