Lady of Providence (The Unconventional Ladies Book 3)

St. Clair

Elizabeth Moreland grew up in her grandfather’s shadow — a banker, he taught her everything he knew. What she didn't know was that after his death, she would be the one to inherit everything. Once his will is read, family members turn against her. She knows she wants to continue in her grandfather’s footsteps, but it is her against the world...because she is a woman. Assuming her role as senior partner of the bank will be difficult enough, but Gabriel Lockridge, Duke of Clarence is also a partner. Gabriel and Elizabeth have a rocky past. They were both young and impulsive which ultimately led to betrayal. But now, they have matured. Is it time to put the past behind them? There can be no love without trust. 

This historical fiction is nothing short of powerful and inspiring. The story is beautifully crafted with strong female characters; Elizabeth is a star! She is relatable but is also strong enough to push doubts aside and show her family and the men that she can and will lead! Her character arc is absolutely stunning. There are moments about the details of the bank that rather slowed the pace of the novel down, but it does not detract from the overall enjoyment of the book. However, the details do add a unique richness. Moreover, the steamy romance will engage everyone! Watching Gabriel work to prove himself to Elizabeth is charming. His support and respect for her are wonderfully heartwarming. It is utterly impossible to put this book down. Readers will be in awe of Elizabeth!

Amanda Hupe