A Lady Never Surrenders


Tiffany Deveraux is fifteen when her parents are robbed and killed in their carriage. With nowhere else to turn, she moves in with her uncle and meets the mysterious Slade Ware, Marquess of Wolfarth, known to all as Wolf. At the age of twenty-three, Tiffany is caught by Wolf at Capel Court, The London Stock exchange. She is wearing widow’s weeds but has the veil up when she’s talking to her stockjobber, Mr. Sprat. Wolf is appalled at her presence and takes her home. Before getting there, he proposes a wager. He won’t tell her cousin about where she was or that she plays the stock market if she will allow him to court her. It will be a marriage of convenience. She is torn, but agrees. She’s been in love with Wolf for years. Can he ever love her?  

“A Lady Never Surrenders” is a lovely tale about broken people who find out that love can conquer all. The main characters, Tiffany and Wolf, are strong and outgoing with a lot of depth and backstory. Several stories are taking place during this tale, and numerous mysteries are afoot. Secondary characters have little depth but are introduced for the next books in the series. When Tiffany arrives at her uncle’s she is fifteen, but six years later, the novel puts her at twenty-three, so the math does not add up. Wolf is a marquess, which would make Tiffany a marchioness, not a countess as is mentioned various times in the story. An overall satisfying novel, this second story in the series gets us warmed up for more. Wolf and Tiffany’s tale is truly inspirational!

Belinda Wilson